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Our Katahdin Sheep


In 2020 we brought the first Katahdin sheep onto the farm and since then have grown our flock from 19 to nearly 100 ewes.  Our interest in Katahdins was first sparked by their hair coat.  Katahdins are hair sheep, thus they do not have wool and do not need shearing like wool sheep.  They also have excellent mothering instincts and are easy to market. 


With the increase of our flock size, we have been able to divide our ewes into three separate breeding groups so that lambing occurs in the fall, early winter, and then again in spring.  This allows us to maximize our barn space and hit various markets throughout the year.  


Prior to selling our lambs, they will have been weaned, introduced to creep feed, and vaccinated.  


Please contact us if you have questions, would like to purchase lambs, or would like to schedule a visit.  

For more information about the Katahdin Breed visit  Additional information for sheep producers in southeastern Kentucky can be found at  

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