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5W Farms

Our Story

Welcome to 5W Farms!

Husband and wife team, owners, and full-time operators, Martin & Jill, along with our three sons, Lucas, Dekker, & Hagan, make up the 5 Wheeldons here at 5W Farms located in Eubank, Kentucky.   


Martin & Jill both stepped away from teaching in the public school system to pursue life on the farm-and have never looked back. 


We have a diversified operation that includes grain crops and livestock. Our most recent livestock addition is commercial Katahdin sheep.  Our flock size has developed from 19 to nearly 100 ewes since 2020.  Lambing season is our favorite (and most hectic) time with the sheep and we strive to have lambs available throughout the year. 


Seasonal cut-flowers can also be found on the farm April through October.  What began as a trial hobby has turned to a passion for spreading joy through colorful blooms.  We offer several varieties and options to our customers and community.  


God never ceases to amaze us in His perfect creation.  We rely on His hand to provide the harvest each season and trust Him with all that we have.  Join along with us as we spend our days here on the farm.  


Love & Blessings,


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