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5W Farms

Faith & Family

Martin & Jill Wheeldon

 "We are high school sweethearts and got married in 2001.  In 2002 we moved back home and started our life in Eubank. 

Our faith in Jesus Christ has helped to drive our decisions in this life.  Martin and I both grew-up in church and among Christian families and we have tried to raise our boys in a faith filled home as well.  

Farming kind of eased its way back into our lives after our boys were born.  It started with backyard chickens, then a few calves in our 4 acre lot.  Next thing you know we purchased 100 acres and....well here we are!

God has blessed us and led us on this entire journey.  We've had some major let downs, but only to be followed by God's amazing blessings.  Farming is totally dependent on creation and the Creator.  We cannot predict the weather.  We have no control over storms, wind, or frosts.  Disease, sickness, and death can creep in at any moment.  Our crops and livestock are held in the hands of Our Almighty God.  We can plan, prepare, and work hard, but ultimately, He provides the harvest.  And we are so very grateful that He is in control of all things.  


If you don't know God and His Son Jesus, I want to encourage you to seek Him out.  I'd love the opportunity to share His love, mercy, and grace with you.  It is through our belief in Jesus that we have eternal life in heaven. 


I've also added links below to the Bible, God's Word.  Or if you are looking for a church family in the Pulaski/Lincoln County areas, we'd love to have you join us at Eubank Baptist.  You can sit with us." 


Love & Blessings,



Eubank Baptist Church

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